Fire Engineering Services is one of the essential fields because it protects people and property from the harmful effect of fire. PACE INFOSYS Services are experts in creating fire safety designs that reduce risk, minimise damage and protect life. Our fire safety designs are reliable, cost-effective and capable of resisting fire. We follow fire safety norms and codes while designing fire protection systems. We have qualified and experienced fire engineers to do high-level strategic fire engineering planning and detailed analysis to get positive results. We include our expertise in detailed design and analysis of Fire Safety Designs.

Our main fire engineering services include:

  • Fire Pipe Sizing
  • Fire Hydrant Design
  • Fire Hydraulics
  • FM 200 System

We are an expert team from various fields that take care of different areas of Fire Engineering. We can create an efficient fire alarm system for residential building, commercial building and industrial buildings. We can effectively install the latest fire equipment in the fire protection system designs.

We aim to increase the safety levels in all type of buildings, therefore we follow regional and international regulations on fire safety. Our fire protection plans easily get approval from authorities. We can design fire detection systems, fire escape staircase, mechanical smoke ventilation and fire hydrant systems for any type of building.

Proper Fire Protection system is useful in the following ways.

  • It protects the life
  • Gives financial stability
  • Protect asset
  • Environment safety
  • Proper business flow

These are the reasons to use a fire protection system in a building. In each of the offered Fire Protection project, the designs are made after understanding the type of building. We also know the methods to reduce risk, protect human life, and minimise damage.

Our Methodology

  • We prepare designs as per the standardised code
  • Analysis of fire system design for calculation
  • Fire network conceptualisation
  • Combination of theoretical and practical application
  • We create the performance-based design
  • Fire risk assessment
  • Fire safety strategies

With a decade of experience, PACE INFOSYS Services have built a strong relationship with clients and earned their trust with our high-quality fire safety designs. We offer complete fire design solutions comprised of the practical stage to design, construction, and management. We provide an opportunity to develop fire safety in buildings for positive results. We are leading fire engineering consultants, outsourcing our services all over the world.

Why Us

  • Every size of the project
  • Proper design and layout
  • Wide range of experience
  • Licensed Software
  • Technical insights
  • Advanced simulation and analysis
  • Timely delivery

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