LOD 400



At PACE INFOSYS Services you will find the team of best and most efficient BIM designers and engineers. They are well trained and understand the need and demand of your projects. Knowing the current trend and demand in the market the engineers here with the use of latest tools and technology completes the project by following each Level of Development (LOD) Services.

We here have the team who follows every level in detail. For construction of any building with the help of BIM requires the use of LOD Services. The level for each is defined and it is from LOD 100 to LOD 500. Each stage has its own importance. LOD 400 is he level where the process of construction gets started. Having said this let us proceed further and know more about it.

PACE INFOSYS Services is your one-stop solution for all your needs and requirements for every type of engineering as well as constructing documents. In LOD 400 the models that are designed gets assembled and fabricated. So, in this stage you will get the proper and precise data which will have clarity to size, shape, quantity, orientation, and location of the model. Moreover, you can also add for the option of non-graphics designs too.

Moving further, no matter you are residing in whichever part of the country, you do not have to take any tension as to how you can avail for this services, or where to go and how to contact, or from where to outsource the project. For all these queries and concerns your destination is with PACE INFOSYS Services. We are not only specialized in providing Building Information Modeling Services, but we are one of the leading companies that provide CAD Services, MEP Services, Architectural Services, and all major types of consultancy and designing which is required in construction as well as engineering field.

For discussing more about this service, you can Contact Us either by calling us or emailing us on info@cadoutsourcing.net. Since we have our presence globally in 5 countries and even in India, you can be rest assured that you can get your designed and drafted from one of the most prominent and well-efficient company who has 11+ years of experience and have delivered more than 11000+ successful projects to our 2500+ happy clients. Therefore, as we know the importance’s of LOD 400, then do not wait, you can get in touch with us.