LOD 500 is the stage which is called the final stage of your project. Here the owner would be able to see the project in its final stage. We all know that in construction stage where BIM Services are considered, Level of Development (LOD) Services to play a vital role. To make the project a success it is mandatory to follow every bit of the steps in details and with accuracy. The motive of our company is to provide our customer 100% satisfaction and build with them a healthy and strong business relationship.

Hence, moving further, let us process in the final stage of LOD Service which is defined by BIM and that is LOD 500. The stage is called as “As-Built”. Here the stage is not that easy, because from LOD 100 to LOD 400 the progression of the project can be monitored. But for LOD 500 it is not. This is the phase where the compete focus is driven by an owner’s facilities management workflow.

As we understand the importance of LOD 500, we also need to understand that this service is very much related in having field verification and is not at all related to the development of higher level of information and geometric design. Well, LOD 500 was specified by the owners because they wanted information that is added in facilities management workflow. Here no matter how the work is going with the designed workflow. But the accuracy and precision is very much needed. Therefore, PACE INFOSYS Services is here at your service to make things easy for you and your project.

Well, it would not be wrong in saying that LOD 500 is a very much complicated services and has a lot of misunderstanding attached with it. Therefore, this stage is given the name as “field verified” or “As-Built” model. If the process followed is proper and correct, we can have the best result out of it and this will be yes, an important stage of the work in BIM – Building Information Modeling.

Further, with this said if want to know more about the service of LOD 500 in Building Information Modeling, get in touch with the team of experts and get all your doubts cleared. We have the team who is at your service in every stage and hence provides you with the best opinion. No matter whatever is the size of your project the team will give their best efforts in it. Also, provide full-fledged BIM and LOD Services in all industrial, commercial, residential, hotels and restaurants, schools and hostels, projects and many more.

Having the experience of 11+ years follow all major international standards and software that are mandatory in creation of the CAD Design. The list of the software is ZWCAD+, Autodesk Revit, Autodesk AutoCAD, TEKLA, and others too. We are just a call and email info@cadoutsourcing.net away from you. Get in touch with us and know about the quotations of the services via submitting your details for getting free quotes. With this said is rest assured that your project will be designed and drafted with one of the leading companies in India and overseas.