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PACE INFOSYS Services is MEP Design and Drafting Company, delivering MEP Prefabrication Services to design engineering firms and construction companies at economical cost. We create every type of MEP Drawings for large construction companies to aid MEP contractors, MEP consultants, engineers and fabricators. Using our MEP Drafting Services, they can make informed decisions and do early design changes. Our team of experts are well equipped with advanced software creates high quality and detailed MEP Prefabrication Drawings for residential buildings, high rise buildings, airports, industries, power plants, hospitals, malls and commercial buildings.

Our Main MEP Prefabrication Services are:
  • 3D MEP Pre-fabricated Module
  • MEP Fabrication Drawings
  • MEP CAD Drawings
  • MEP Construction Services
  • MEP Prefabrication Drawings
  • Pipe Spool Fabrication Drawing
  • Piping Prefabrication Drawing
  • Piping Fabrication Drawing
  • Piping Spool Drawing Services
  • Plumbing Piping Cost Estimation
  • Electrical Design Services
  • Plumbing Piping 3D drafting Services
  • Mechanical pre fabrication drawing
  • Pre Fabrication Pipe Spools
  • Pre-Fabrication Spool Drawings
  • Pre-fabricated MEP Modules
  • Heating system design
  • Cooling system design
  • Ventilation system design
  • Piping and instrumentation diagram
  • Assembly drawings
  • Site plans drawings
  • Electrical panel schedules
  • Electrical one line diagrams

PACE INFOSYS Services deliver thoroughly coordinated MEP Prefabrication Drawings for construction scheduling and solving critical issues of construction. Our seamless MEP Prefabrication Service enables contractors to estimate the quantity of MEP material needed for construction. Using our MEP drawings and MEP BIM Models installation can be done in a neat way. In MEP Fabrication Drawings, we show every MEP component like ductwork, piping fitting, pumps, lighting fixture, generator, cables in a highly detailed manner. Our technically precise and feasible MEP prefabrication drawings give information about the quantity, size, shape, location and orientation of MEP components.

Benefits of outsourcing MEP prefabrication services from PACE INFOSYS :
  • Quicker completion of construction
  • Lower construction costs
  • Higher safety during the construction process
  • The efficient way of installation
  • Less labour force required
  • Easier and smooth handling of construction

We use the best MEP techniques while developing MEP Designing and Drafting Services. We follow international standards and codes throughout the MEP drawing and MEP modeling process. Our more than a decade of experience with clients all over the world, make us stand as a leader in the field of MEP Designing Services. We aim to offer the innovative MEP engineering service to every architecture, engineering, and construction industry.

Our Methodology of MEP Prefabrication Services :
  • Library building
  • Submittal reviewal
  • Spool drawing
  • Coordination of every involved discipline
  • Bill of material take-off
  • Layout drawings
  • Pre-fabricated modeling
  • Plug and play technology
  • Installation of serviced modules
  • Assembly configuration
  • Supply chain integration
  • Shop drawing with precise cut lengths
  • Controlled environment
  • Schedule time savings
  • Library creation
  • Assembly configuration

PACE INFOSYS Services provides a full range of Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) services at an economical cost and goes well with investment degree of undertaken project. Our MEP prefabrication services have a huge effect on the time and cost of the construction. The MEP prefabrication drawings and MEP Fabrication Drawings not only shorten the construction time but also improves the quality of installation and the safety of workers.

Why Choose PACE INFOSYS for MEP Prefabrication Services ?
  • Reliable and accurate MEP prefabrication service
  • Best of the technology
  • Customised solution
  • Timely Delivery
  • Certified and Trained Professional
  • Availability of every detailing documents
  • Transparent Communication
  • Supportive Consultancy
  • Top-notch quality, planning, and performance
  • Fast response to any detailing inquiry

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