Revit Family Creation can be considered as a part of Building Information Modeling(BIM). PACE INFOSYS Services is one of the leading organizations that provide the service globally. The team of expert and experienced members closely works with the clients. The BIM objects are a family of intelligent that provides detailed information on a product or component. This is the form that represents a virtual 3D objects. It further has physical characteristics which have its designed geometry and visual graphical representation. This is the service that gives us a realistic view and specification that has the exact way and which is used in BIM Models.

Further, searching for any specific product the product engineers and architects use BIM objects. It is actually a product manufacturer who embeds this service in the product catalog. Every object that is attached has a set of metadata. This data is including the process of product literature, details, technical information, NBS specifications, numbers of models, and information related to warranty and guarantee.

When opting for BIM Services, we need to know that there are two types available in it. The first one is the Components object and the second one is the Layered object. In component objects, you will get the exact details of product models which is required in the construction. This is related to a distinct 3D geometry, for example, windows, doors, boilers, etc. Layered objects are the service that gives us ideas about the accurate and detailed information that is required in the project. It is related to the sizing of roofs, walls, and ceilings

Moving further let us proceed further and know more about the services that are the base and are required in every stage


    • Revit Family Creation Services : It is a service that is an efficient architectural design and documentation software. The in house team available here are masters in providing this service. The software used in it is Auto Desk Corp. The service focuses on creating basic parametric families. It is all related to the designing of furniture and equipment. With the different BIM Families, it increases the quality of the project with ways of modifications.


    • Revit MEP Family Creation : MEP is another level of services that plays an important role. MEP stands for Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing. Considering the construction design and the model, another important part has come in existence. This is fire fighting. So, yes when decided for this services you will get the complete package of MEPF. Apart from this we are also specialized in providing the services of MEP Revit Family Creation.


    • BIM Revit Family Creation Services : This is the service that again creates the base and is important. No design/construction will be complete unless having this service. As we have the team available in house, you can with ease and comfort get your design drafted and post that can start the work on your project.


    • Architectural Revit Family Creation : It is a service that is used by the Auto Desk software. Once the client updates us about the project, the designers and architects start their drawings. Once the drawing is completed, post meeting with the client if there is any revision or changes required the same will be done and final layout will be coming for the start of the project.


    • Structural Revit Family Creation : This is the stage where the structural designer would let us know the quantity of the products required, along with its dimensions, metals and materials. So, yes this is the core and basic service for all your requirements and needs for a completion of the project.



With Revit Family Creation, we can display the parameter of equipment & geometrical components of different elements. It is all in the form of graphical designs and drawings. Below are the advantages of this service.

    • With the help of formulas and the extracted data you can check the parameter for better result and better finishing of work.
    • It will give accurate information, create models and prints of the project, no matter how big or small the size of the project is.
    • It works and helps in resizing the models. This is taken in notice that the model should be workable and economical.
    • It assists in maintaining a stable relationship of the work. This is because different units and parts of the designs are used in the model for perfect coordination.
    • To give a realistic view, Revit is used in it. It actually gives an accurate document that is required in the construction field.
    • Revit Family Creation Services gives the idea for 3D models that is used for accurate building analysis and estimating purposes.



The most awaited and successful software which is nowadays very much in demand. It is none other than Revit. It is nowadays used in various Building Information Modeling Projects. Below mentioned are the steps followed to have effective BIM Families are given here.

  • Selection of the template.
  • In depth planning and scrutinizing of the parameters.
  • Thorough and accurate preparation of the model geometry.
  • Allocating the object subcategories knowing the needs and requirements.
  • Create and setting up of visibility rules
  • Create types of families and its uses in different areas.

We at PACE INFOSYS Services provide fast and veritable Revit Family Creation Services for different projects. These are residential, commercial, educational, industrial buildings. The skilled and experienced team of Revit Family Designers ensure superior quality services with fast turnaround time and at an effective rate.

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