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PACE INFOSYS Services is an MEP Consulting Company, providing end to end MEP Shop Drawing Services to clients worldwide. We create MEP designs that meet the demands of the efficient installation of MEP Systems and selection of MEP Equipment for the construction of industries, hospitals, shopping malls, oil and gas industry, power plants and high raised buildings.

The services of MEP Shop Drawings are more relevant than MEP Construction documents. The reason for the same is the services of drawings you will get more clarity. It contains information about the size, manufacturing specification, fabrication, and position of the MEP components. Our team of expert professionals is well-equipped with CAD-based software to create Shop Drawings and MEP Fabrication Drawings with the highest precision and details.

We are delivering our services to every major city in the world. In the current tight competition of construction schedules, PACE INFOSYS Services takes the lead and provides a successful MEP Project which stands out as the utmost reason for the favorable results that we constantly provide.


We all know how important the service of MEP is. Knowing its usage below mentioned is the list of different types of MEP Services that are been offered by us.

    • Duct Work Layout Drawings
    • Electrical Shop Drawing
    • MEP Electrical drawings
    • HVAC Duct Shop Drawing work
    • MEP BIM Shop Drawing Services
    • MEP Plumbing Drawings
    • MEP Drafting Services
    • MEP Mechanical Drawings
    • 3D Shop Drawing Services
    • MEP Shop Drawing Detailing
    • HVAC Piping Drawings
    • MEP Shop Drawing Outsourcing
    • MEP Shop Drawing Sample
    • MEP Shop Drawing engineering
    • MEP coordination drawings
    • Mechanical Shop Drawing
    • Piping Shop Drawing
    • Plumbing Shop Drawings

At PACE INFOSYS Service, we develop a wide range of Shop Drawings like HVAC Duct Shop Drawings, Structural Shop Drawings, Architectural Shop Drawings, Piping Shop Drawings, Mechanical Shop Drawings, Rebar Shop Drawings, Steel Shop Drawings, Precast Shop Drawings, Millwork Shop Drawings and Facade Shop Drawings, etc but our main focus remains on the MEP Shop Drawings. MEP Shop Drawings are the core elements or rather say the first step towards any designing or fabrication process. Shop Drawings are similar to the fabrication and it shows the realistic blueprint of the prefabricated component. Therefore, shop drawing serves as the backbone for the fabrication industry. After fabricators, MEP Shop Drawings are mainly utilized by contractors. Thus preparing a shop drawings and getting approval from contractors is one of the major challenge ones can face.

While creating MEP Shop Drawings, international codes and standards must be followed, maintain uniformity across the construction work. MEP shop drawings are mostly used for prefabricating MEP components such as ductwork, piping fittings, pumps, lighting fixtures, wiring, generators, cables and sprinklers.

Shop Drawings are the visual representation of the construction documents managed by contractors and manufacturers. The main purpose of Shop Drawing in manufacturer or contractor’s version is the detailing of the installation of various MEP components within the structure.

Our MEP Layout Designs give a clear plan of action to each MEP systems. MEP shop drawings bring improvements in productivity by detecting and solving clashes before the construction starts. Overall, it ensures the smooth construction process. PACE INFOSYS Services has great expertise in MEP shop drawing which comprised HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, Piping, Mechanical and duct-work layout drawings allows clients for a better installation, fabrication and other construction activities.

We have huge knowledge in shop drawing that includes every levels industry such as commercial, residential, institutional, and others. Our MEP Construction Drawings contain some crucial data about measures and procedures of Pre-Fabricated parts and it further continues to provide more fairness to some of the great advantages for the proposed project.


Each one of us takes a complete understanding and a background check of the companies with whom we would be signing the contract for a long-term business relationship. Before proceeding further, here are the reasons that will give you clarity as to why you should choose PACE INFOSYS Services as your partner.

      • Reliable and Detailed Shop Drawings
      • Licensed Software
      • On-time delivery
      • Qualified engineers and other professionals
      • Best of quality technique
      • Potential to handle versatile shop drawing projects
      • Confidentiality of client’s data
      • Availability of project manager
      • Customer satisfaction guaranteed
      • Fast response to any detailing inquiry