Point Cloud BIM Services

Point Cloud BIM Services

Point Cloud BIM Services

PACE INFOSYS Services is a reputable BIM designing firm that serves the high-quality point cloud BIM services. Our team of expert professionals is well- competent, qualified and experienced to deliver every niche of BIM projects. We efficiently convert point cloud data into a 3D BIM model to renovate the existing building. Our point cloud survey has made the surveying process less time consuming and cost effective. We had outsourced point cloud BIM services across the globe.

We offer the following Point cloud BIM services:

  • 3D modeling from point cloud
  • Redesigning an existing building
  • Creation of Architectural, MEP and structural models
  • 2D plans, elevation and sections from scanned data
  • BIM modeling from point cloud

Building Information Modeling has become an integral part of the construction process. Point cloud BIM Services are the most recent advancement in the BIM modleing. Along with Point cloud BIM services, we are offering various services like 4D BIM modeling, MEP BIM modeling, structural BIM modeling, architectural BIM modeling, BIM drafting and BIM clash detection. All these services make us the one stop solution for all your BIM needs.
A Point Cloud data is plotted on the three-dimensional coordinate system that is represented by X, Y and Z. The Point Cloud is the combination of multiple scans of various high-end laser scanners that computes the millions of points on the surface of buildings. The result Point Cloud Survey seems in the data file. Hence, the point cloud is defined as the set of points measured by the device. We recreate a complete 3D building model with accuracy showing the parts like walls, panels, pipes, roof planes, columns, conduit and duct.
Here, at PACE INFOSYS services, we offer the scanning of the complete building or in parts as the requirement of the customers. Our 3D modellers and designers create the BIM 3D models by using the laser scanned data. The 3D scanning process helps the building in several phases namely creation of 3D models, the assemblage of resolution, rendering and quality survey and animation. Our expertise in Point Cloud Modeling for all types of architectural, structural and MEP elements helps contractors to stay profitable in the renovation, refurbishment and building extension and modifications.
Key Benefits of Point Cloud BIM Services:

  • Point Cloud is wielded for detecting and surface restructuring.
  • Enable the architects, engineer and contractors to make informed decisions.
  • BIM 4D of Point Cloud is utilised for construction scheduling.
  • Point Cloud BIM Services provides early clash detection alerts.
  • Cost Estimation is taken out by Point Cloud 5D BIM.
  • Accurately measures the dimensions of the building.
  • Sustainable optimisation is done by Point Cloud 6D BIM.
  • Helps safe building demolition
  • Strengthening of facility management by Point Cloud 7D BIM.
  • Point Cloud BIM Services is used for maintenance and facility management.

Advantages of working with PACE INFOSYS Services

  • Accurate and detailed BIM model
  • Reliable organisation for the renovation of the construction project.
  • Maximum return on investment (ROI)
  • Broad experience in laser scanning and data processing.
  • Economical services rates
  • Experienced and qualified team of experts who have a huge knowledge of advanced software.
  • On time delivery

We have worked with some of the most renowned construction and survey companies and we have a proven track record of successfully providing a scan to BIM services all around the world. We create information-rich BIM models and give highly visual and easy to understand BIM documentation. For more information, support and quotation, feel free to Contact Us.