Landscape and Hardscape Design

Landscape and Hardscape Design

Landscape and Hardscape Design

As one of the leading Landscape Design Consultant, PACE INFOSYS Services aims to create landscape and hardscape design that make the building unique, functional and sustainable. Our 3D Landscape Designs are very detailed and help customers to visualise the whole landscape. From modern landscape design to traditional designs, we are proficient in designing all types of landscape plans. Our Landscape Design Plan gives a clear understanding of how space will feel and function. Our professional architects and engineers guarantee high-quality Landscape and Hardscape Design because we have in-depth knowledge of the landscaping.

We offer Landscape Designing Services to the following Buildings:

  • Residential and commercial
  • Rooftop terraces and balconies
  • Gardens and courtyards
  • Automated irrigation systems
  • Pool and spa renovation
  • Vegetable gardens
  • Paving and tiling
  • Garden lighting
  • Retaining walls
  • Water features
  • Bench seating and timber decking
  • Stonemasonry
  • Plant design and horticulture
  • Lawn

We create Landscape Designs that is sustainable, influential, and smoothly blends with the background and communities. Along with the skilled and qualified team, and handpicked surveys and contractors, PACE INFOSYS Services delivers innovative and stunning landscaping designs for the front of house, backyards and gardens. We work closely with commercial builders for new construction as well as owners of recognized buildings for renovation.
At PACE INFOSYS Services, we offer the full spectrum of landscape services that include Residential Landscape Design, front garden designs, hillside landscaping, pool landscape design, pound landscape and backyard landscape designs. Our Landscape Drawings consist of details and specification required to build landscape elements such as retaining walls, pools, lighting, fences and benches. We have a great in-house team of builders, carpenters, horticulturalists and more whose main focus is customer satisfaction.

Benefits of outsourcing landscape design services from PACE INFOSYS Services:

  • Excellent and unique cladding designs
  • Cost-effective services
  • Customised designs using various cladding materials
  • Qualified engineers
  • Licensed and Updated Software
  • Time-Bound Delivery
  • Confidentiality of Client’s Data
  • Potential to handle versatile cladding projects
  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed
  • Fast response to any detailing inquiry

PACE INFOSYS Services is a designing consultant specialising in outsourcing Landscape Designs and hardscape services for residential and commercial properties. With 10 years of designing experience, we are devoted to creating an outdoor living space that compliments your personality and lifestyle. From installing an outdoor gourmet kitchen or living room complete with a fireplace to designing a secret garden or tropical landscape we have expertise in creating designs that suits your needs.
Basically, a landscape design plan is similar to a floor plan for an outdoor space. Our landscape plan helps the builders and contractors in the informed decision-making process for selecting materials. They can estimate the cost and help them to finish the landscape project within budgetary constraints. We create a customised landscape design for every customer taking into consideration their individual needs and lifestyle. We follow the international standard and codes while designs Landscape Plans. Efficiently integrate the home’s garden, pool, fountain, benches and plants are the key way to maximise the use, aesthetic, enjoyment, scale and value of any building.
Regardless of the size or complexity of the landscape project, we can handle your garden from design to completion and beyond. Whether you want to renew the existing project or you want to start a new project, PACE INFOSYS Services is capable of designing a landscape plan that brings life to the project and suits your needs. We intend to build long-term relations with our customers and therefore, we contemplate our services as one way to build the same. If you are looking for excellent Landscape Designing Services, feel free to contact us through