The Level of Development (LOD) is the system that stands for “Level of Detailing”. This term is defined to get the information and data that is required to be placed in any BIM model. Here a virtual construction model has been prepared and developed. This determines the model type and its purpose.

To support it more, here is an example to it. In a 3D presentation model, you do not need any specification that is respective to information and details about the materials. Whereas, if there is any detailed model developed a proper and accurate drawing is required. This CAD drawing let us know if there is any clash detection, and to avoid the same, it gives perfect data with material specifications, types, dimensions, etc. Hence the unit that denotes these differences in details is called “LOD” – Level of Development.

We at CAD Outsourcing Services are specialized in providing you with all types of LOD Services. LOD BIM is the root and base for every project and requirement in the construction of buildings, malls, hospitals, etc. In the earlier stage, the term BIM modeling was not so known technology. Therefore, there were no such units to measure its accuracy and authenticity of this model.

Moving further with the change in technology, people across started knowing about these services and accepted this technology. Indeed this is the service that started gaining precedence over traditional construction methods. Post that it became mandatory to introduce basic guidelines with standard guidelines. This concept is called virtual construction modeling services.

At the starting, this phase was confusing and expensive too. The only reason was because the requirement was all in 3D models and that too in details. Hence, it became an expensive process and very tedious too.

Benefits and Uses Of the Level of Development (LOD) BIM
At CAD Outsourcing Services, our BIM Level of Development team understands the needs and importance of the service and based on that confirms all the levels of development. The specified form of LOD levels that are very much in use are from LOD 100 to LOD 500. The team in our organization is highly trained and is professional workers who are masters in providing our clients with these services. Having said this let us understand the benefits and uses of these services.

We all know that BIM Service is helpful to all the drafters, design consultants, contractors, construction firms, architects, and engineers. Yes, it is indeed not saying wrong that BIM Service is the most integral part of communication in all the different phases of building designs and construction.

The team here enables each professional by giving their best. No matter whatever is the complexity of the project, they resolve the issues through 3D visualization, Bill of Quantities (BOQs), scheduling, estimations, on-site production control, and fabrication, etc and so on. We create the model on the basis of the clients and projects requirements. In other words, this service gives us the knowledge and keeps us updated about the planned progress v/s the actual progress on site. According to the American Institute of Architects (AIA), we deliver LOD for different levels that are classified.

Types of LOD Services offered by CAD Outsourcing Services
Below mentioned are different types as well as BIM LOD levels in which we are masters and you can rely on us.

BIM LOD 100 – Concept Design – The word itself defines these services. It is the initial stage of the project where basic details and designs are drawn by the designers. To represent the basic level of the service, we start the work by building 3D models but in a developed way. Thereby, here the conceptual stage is been developed. The core services are to define parameters like area, height, volume, location, and orientation.

BIM LOD 200 – Schematic Design – It is the general model where the elements of the models are created. It gives the idea with the approximate quantities, size, shape, location, and orientation. The experts here can also attach non-geometric information as well to the model elements.

BIM LOD 300 – Detailed Design – It is the third phase of your drawing and designs. Here in this stage, the designer converts the drawings from 2D drawings to 3D models. The accurate modeling and shop drawings here give the exact information which is defined. This is with respect to specific assemblies, precise quantity, size, shape, location, and orientation, etc and so on.

BIM LOD 350 – Construction Documentation – If there is any clash detection, on the basis of this service it can be rectified. It includes model details and elements that represent the ideas of construction. Here in this any building element that requires interfaces with various systems are being checked and post that other building elements with graphics and written definitions are mentioned.

BIM LOD 400 – Fabrication & Assembly – It is the phase where you will get the drawings created. The model elements are assembled with specific data. It includes complete details and information that is required at the time of construction. This gives the accurate data as to what amount of materials is to be required. For example fabrication, precise quantity, size, shape, location, and orientation of the area.

BIM LOD 500 – As-Built- Here the elements that are modeled are constructed assemblies for maintenance and operations. This all includes all the information which is necessary for it. It has actual and accurate details of the project. That is irrespective to the size, quantity, and so on.

Apart, from these LOD Services, it also includes Revit LOD300, LOD BIM models, Revit LOD 350. Hence, with this do get in touch with us and get your LOD Construction project designed with CAD Outsourcing Services.